1990, Helsinki


Cache + Release w/ Timo Andersson @ Muu Cable 1.6.-20.6.2019

"It's a bad time of the year to be sitting in a tram with bags of stuff for the show, or to drag a big work wrapped up in a waste bag with the wind grabbing it like a kite. Well, one of us has it a bit easier when everything can just be fitted onto a USB drive or something. But of course it depends on what we end up making.

It feels a little unreal to think about the show as a clear concept. It's more like a deconstruction of the irony poisoned digital-native lifestyle, in really the only way we can do it. Admittedly we sometimes have to compromise because one of us likes narratives while the other one would like to see his work as constituting a kind of opposite to meaning, a black hole if you like.

Of course, these days it's possible to take a picture even of a black hole."
from: timpe and jompe

                              break da law 2995, Joonas Hyvönenbreak da law 2995, Joonas Hyvönen

Video [5:01], digital print on decotex, kettlebells, polyester rope, plastic bottle, bamboo, water, food coloring, perfume [mango], booze trolley, AR filter COBRA/[P1] by @n.replyanski, beat by PS JUKE, Knuffi edge protectors

     Supercloser, Timo AnderssonSupercloser, Timo Andersson

Acrylic and pastel on polyester and PVC, polypropylene strap

          Cache + Release, Timo Andersson & Joonas HyvönenCache + Release, Timo Andersson & Joonas Hyvönen

Ipod, cables, acrylic, clay, polyester rope, kettlebell, tripod, speaker, plastic bottle, bamboo, water, perfume [mango], watercolor, video [0:30 loop], sound [20:46]

Fog Juice, Timo AnderssonFog Juice, Timo Andersson

Acrylic and pastel on polyester and PVC, polypropylene strap
Acrylic on wall