1990, Helsinki

God's Flat Earth Is Drowning @ Oodi Central Library 9. - 19.7.2020

It’s been pouring for days, the Earth is flat, all the escape routes for water blocked by waste and now every shower, glass of water or urinating in the bushes leaves the water level higher. In a space much like Oodi’s second floor, a small disparate community gathers to try and solve the ecological catastrophe facing them as the sea just keeps on rising.

God’s Flat Earth Is Drowning is a fiction of a small community on the brink of crises and depicts the interaction between its representatives when everyone has their own personal relationship, hopes and fears with the looming disaster. The group is formed of characters such as an ignorant head of an industry, average consumer joes and indifferent generation z’ers, glued to their mobile devices and already adapted to a post-apocalyptic world with small fins and gills telling others to “catch up boomers”. All have different interests which complicate finding needed solutions, and as the meeting goes on, the water keeps on rising.

God's Flat Earth Is Drowning was made for Oodi Central Library's Kuutio space as part of Oodi's, Taike's and Muu's Mediakuutio project and will be on display in Kuutio 9.7. - 19.7.2020. The artwork utilizes Unity game engine to randomize the discussions held making almost every viewing practically unique.

3d - Joonas Hyvönen
Programming - Sami Porkka
Music - Risotto Boys
Voices - Amanda Haapanen
Johannes Bäckman
Joonas Hyvönen

Supported by AVEK.