1990, Helsinki


Dork Factory @ Jan van Eyck Academie Open Studios 2018 8.3.-10.3.2018

Virtual Reality is finally here, and it’s the ultimate user
interface. With it, the interface agent, like the Office Assistant
Clippy in its heydays, is reborn to help one adjust to the newly
reformatted environment. Now, the question remains: who reaps the
benefits and is the seemingly harmless figure a helper or a deterrent.
Is it really a studio you’re in, or have ended up inside a Skinner
box, a dork factory?

Hyvönen’s work takes a look at a speculative technology, focusing
on a particular interaction between a user and a computational
assistant designed to create a perfected personalised experience
inside an imagined immersive user interface.

photography: Werner Mantz Lab, van Eyck